Writer/Director Ace Dixon discusses the film on On Da Grine TV.

Jed Wilkins, a desperately unemployed man still living with his parents, decides to become a freelance maid. While his disappointed parents vacation to Maui without him, he meets a vulgar drifter girl who becomes his companion on a journey of maid mayhem.

Irreverent, outrageous, yet answering life’s most complex questions, Mop King is a hidden comedic gem ready for your viewing pleasure.

"One of the funniest films

to come across my desk at AFF."

-Bears Fonté,

2013 Austin Film Festival

Director of Programming

"It's like Napoleon Dynamite, on crack."
-Chris Lennox, satisfied viewer

"Cross between Dumb and Dumber and Napoleon Dynamite. Super funny, disgusting, gross out humor, and I never knew what to expect next."

-Leslie Langée

"Probably one of the most ridiculous movies I've seen...in a while. With that said, it was hilarious! Laughing, cringing, gasping... Bruce Novakowski is genuinely funny, he makes it easy to love, hate and feel sorry for his character, all at the same time."

-Lawanda Ree

"Perfectly stupid."
-Charlie Pecoraro


-Vince Gilligan, creator of Breaking Bad, on whether the Mop King gang can take a picture with him.